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Mels Drive In Neon Picture

Where were you in '62 ? John F. Kennedy was president. John Glenn went to space. And an unforgettable film called "American Grafitti" captured the experience of growing up in the 60s. Cars depicted in front of Mels Drive In: '55 Chevy Belair, '56 T-bird, '59 Cadillac Eldorado.

Neon Lighting Effects: Blue Neon tube across building. Mini Light Bulbs in '55 Chevy headlights. Red & Yellow LED lights accent tail lights & bldg.

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$349.95 24”x34”
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Creating Art with Lights:

The Original Mels Diner (also called Mels Drive-In) first opened in San Francisco in the year 1947. Now regarded as a pioneer in the early fast food restaurant industry Mels grew to become a leader with close to 40 locations. Often associated with the popular movie "American Graffiti" Mel’s Drive-Ins became a symbol of American culture reaching its height in popularity during the 1960s. In the 1973 film you might remember the neon sign at the gang’s favorite hangout featured prominently in the background. Is Mel's Diner still open? You might be interested to know that in addition to the Original Mels restaurant there are still 22 other Mels restaurants throughout Northern California and Nevada. Here's a clip on YouTube showing the iconic Mels Diner in the movie "American Graffiti": [click here to watch].

This framed artwork made by Electric Art actually lights up with Neon and LED lighting effects. A great addition to any Man Cave, Den, Office or Garage. Each picture is powered by a small AC wall adaptor (included) that plugs into any standard North American household electrical outlet.

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