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Foggy Night in Paris Brassai Picture with lights

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Foggy Night in Paris Light Bulb Picture
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LED Wall Art with LED Lights and Neon Pictures from Electric Art:

Electric Art is a maker of LED Wall Art and Neon Pictures for home wall decor. All our pictures are made by hand in the USA and are only available through this website. We don't offer them through distributors, retail stores or other websites. We feature over 200 different Lighted Wall Art designs in 14 subject categories. Many designs such as Foggy Night in Paris with its soft lighting effects are unique to our gallery. To see the lighting effects for each picture just move your mouse over the image or, if you're on a phone, just touch the picture and the lights will turn On. If you have an idea for a light up wall art picture or would like to see a particular City Skyline, Lighthouse or Sports Stadium illuminated just drop us a line through our Contact Page. We're always looking for new ideas. We also offer custom light up wall art designs for customers. This can be an LED art picture made to feature your own Classic Car or Motorcycle or ? Just give us a call to discuss. We'll do everything we can to bring your vision for a personalized light up picture to life.

Our Story:

After opening our doors in 1996 the first art product we made were Neon Art sculptures. These were miniature illuminated figurines like Flamingos and Cactuses. This led us to the idea of creating Neon Pictures. We found a popular poster called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", painted by Artist Gottfried Helnwein, which featured four well known celebrities: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Humphrey Bogart all congregating together in a Diner (as if they were friends in real life). The artwork was perfect for adding a tube of neon above and below the window sills. The interplay between the neon lights and the painting made the picture come alive in a new way creating our first best seller. We then found other painted artworks by Artist Chris Consani which also depicted cute foursome gatherings with Elvis, Marilyn, Dean and Bogie. In "Game of Fate" and "Legal Action" they rollicked around a pool table. In "Java Dreams", "Legendary Crossroads" and "Blue Plate Special" they mused each other at a coffee shop. In "Classic Interlude" and "Midnight Matinee" they all went to the movies. All these artworks, handsomely painted by Consani, lent themselves to the addition of our lighting effects and became part of our LED Wall Art collection.

In the year 1998 we discovered old diner scenes like "Rosie's Diner" and "Steak'n Shake" and "Galaxy Drive In". With beautiful 50s era classic cars parked in front these artworks were also perfect for light up wall art. Ultimately, we created our own Steak'n Shake poster and then staged our most popular car scene ever in front of the famous "Mel's Drive In" from American Graffiti. We later built on this success with artworks designed for appeal to Muscle Car enthusiasts. We released LED Pictures like "Wild Horses" featuring the classic Shelby GT-350 Mustang, "Chevy Showdown" with a Camaro vs Chevelle and "American Muscle" featuring cars from the Mopar Era like the iconic 1970 Dodge Challenger. And let's not forget "Justification for Higher Education", the modern ritzy motivational car poster used to inspire every student in junior high school.

In 2000 we experimented with Lighthouse Art and created "Nature's Majesty". The popularity of Lighthouse artworks eventually grew to become a separate Gallery. Here, we designed a small computer chip to make the bulb in the lighthouse go off and on like a real lighthouse. The light appears as though its actually turning (revolving) in the Lighthouse. Twilight Cityscapes followed next with our Chicago Skyline, New York Skyline (both before and after 9/11, Philadelphia Skyline, San Francisco and many others. We add small Red, Green and Yellow LED lights within and atop the buildings to lend some artistic magic to each picture.

It wasn't until 2002 though that we discovered one particular artwork which would become our all time best Seller. This is the "Foggy Night in Paris", a photograph by late French Hungarian photographer Brassai (who was actually friend to Picasso). This moody nocturnal Paris scene with a 30s era Ford Truck piercing its headlights through a thick tule fog was brought to life when we added miniature low voltage incandescent lamps to the head lights and street lanterns. Our soft lighting effect was more realistic and surreal than anything we'd created before. Not to be outdone, a companion piece was developed using another misty backdrop in the UK. Go here to see: "Foggy Night in London".

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“A Foggy Night in Paris”

Brouillard, avenue de la Galerie de l'Observatoire, 1934

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